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Get the Details! More about Right Brain Aerobics --
the "How To" for Right Brain Thinking

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Right Brain Aerobics: the "How To" for Right Brain, Creative-Intuitive Skills Development for Business and Career Acceleration


Doorway to the Brain
New Doorways to
Minds of the Future

Right Brain AerobicsTM and Right Brain Express: Practical step-by-step multiple-input right brain training programs program to activate unused intuitive/creative parts of the right brain, institutionalize right brain thinking and implementation strategies. A practice for increasing integrated mental faculty to "see opportunities" others may miss.

The key 7 Components are 1) Right Brain Start Up and CEO/Inner Genius Q&A, 2) Mental Focus / Stress Reduction & Visualization, 3) Affirmation / Expanding Self-Image, Breakthrough Thinking, 4) Intuition & Supersensory Awareness, Remote Viewing, 5) Creativity & Innovation, 6) Right Brain / Whole Brain Strategy, The Idea Factory, 7) Institutionalizing Right Brain / Whole Brain Thinking & Daily Practice -- Right Brain Meeting Checklist!


7 Institutionalizing Right / Whole Thinking & Daily Practice
6 Strategy: Right Brain / Left Brain Synchronized; Idea Factory
5 Creativity & Innovation Exercises for Career
4 Intuition & Supersensory Perception
3 Affirmation / Cognition / Self-Image, Breakthrough Thinking
2 Mental Focus / Stress Reduction & Visualization
1 Right Brain Start Up: Creative Idea Generation, Stress Reduction, CEO/Inner Genius Q&A

^ Build from the Ground Up

Applicable for career advancement or to train leadership in any industry -- or as "Step 1" for other processes, training, learning using the brain differently, changing mental "view points," even brain-building. (See Products and Services and research articles)


Right Brain Express streamlined PowerPoint training introduces selected exercises from the fundamental Right Brain Aerobics components in sequence, daily practices and techniques to habituate increasing innovative / creative ideas on the fly with better "improvisational" skills-- to "see" differently to spot opportunities other may MISS; to improve handling stress, calming the mind for better judgment, less "flying off the handle."

Right Brain Express
Right Brain Express
makes right brain training
easy to deliver, colorful, memorable.


Right Brain Express is STEP 1 -- Right brain activation and left brain integration techniques to build minds, transform culture, and mental abilities BEFORE embarking on new processes, innovation or idea capture programs -- before staring ANY kind of training program. If these 7 Components are part of an easy daily practice routine, then success and confidence, new perspective in any kind of discipline is expanded.

Right Brain Aerobics Training Manuals form the foundational basis for Right Brain Express, Right Brain Start Up, and other Right Brain Aerobics programs and publications. For advanced work and licensed organizations, the extensive Right Brain Aerobics Training Manuals become part of customized training for advanced thinkers, researchers, creative futurists looking for new ways to "tap into the grid" for expanded perception of trends and "outlier" ideas no one else sees yet; includes 100's of pages and illustrations for step-by-step instructions, examples, applications.


Right Brain Aerobics Training Manual Cover-----RBA Manual Book 2

Right Brain Aerobics Manuals - An Advanced Personal Training Experience
by Sandra H. Rodman
Vol. 1. Right Brain Start Up: The Power of Right Brain Aerobics
(Right Brain Start Up, Mental Focus / Meditative Visualization,
Affirmation & Self-Image: Breakthrough Thinking
Vol. 2. Mind Shift and Culture Change: Intuition, Creativity,
Strategy, Institutionalizing Right Brain Thinking


Key in the RBA processes are:

- Integrating left brain/right brain learning using Right Brain Strategy Grids and Right Brain-storming (group process right brain thinking) "bring it all together," enhance ability to "synthesize," to learn viewing both right and left brain styles, to focus on what "strategic thinking" really entails -- and how to use easy "Checklists" to make sure you don't miss any new, hidden options as you navigate new strategy.




-Right Brain Meetings Checklists -- for more focused, productive meetings, "pulling for" insight and innovative strategic thinking routinely.

Sandra Hudlow Rodman"These simple meeting checkpoints in themselves -- especially the power in affirming, appreciating, pulling for genius waiting to breakout in all teams -- were responsible for major 'imposible' promotions in my own career." -- S.H. Rodman

- The use of sound for mental focus/contemplative mind, meditative mind and relaxation, stress reduction exercises for calmer mind and better, more thoughtful judgment.

- The institutionalizing right brain / whole brain thinking and practice -- daily increasing sharper, innovative/improvisational thinking, not just a one-time training or a few ideas. Practices which can result in increased inculcation of creative, integrated brain power, bottom line applications that can lead to long-term transformation of career management, business development, self-esteem, ability to calmly handle crisis and think creatively "on the fly."

- Effects are cumulative when beginning to activate using "the other 90% of the brain" with different kinds of mental "aerobics" and paradigmatic shifts in thinking.

Sandra Hudlow Rodman"Think you can't change your brain at any age? Think this is as good as it gets? Think again! And new research is exciting showing that 'new grey matter' can be created with simple meditative mental focus exercise daily for even a short time! If you change your 'mental future' -- you change your life profoundly at any age." - S.H. Rodman

- Each training is also a right brain "work session" to produce $ bottom line value on real work projects or study. $Thousands or even $millions in new ideas can be generated during training.

Right Brain Group

New Ideas

- Even if you don't think of yourself as "creative," knowing that you have at your mental "finger tips" many different techniques to "prompt" creative strategy generation for different circumstances or clients can inspire confidence and reduce anxiety.

- Right Brain Express allows exercises different right brain skills in sequence -- and these are new for most people. Or their success in training confirms that their often untrusted "gut instincts" are "right on target." How often do you have a chance to experiment and pull for "quantum leap" gut instincts!?

- All techniques focus on engaging parts of your brain rarely used, and using them in a new way. The use of sound in training and personal daily exercise increases the impact of right brain exercise -- and the likelihood of daily practice!

- If you're a Right Brain Express graduate, you're in new career territory! Right brain practice expertise is a new advantage in any career -- and it can also enhance personal relationships and parenting. With a Right Brain Express Certificate from public certification classes, you can begin to use this expertise right away on an individual basis as a teacher, manager, counselor, performer, coach -- and enhance your resume and career value. Right Brain Aerobics networks also mean being part of a new kind of "innovative thinker" network.

------Group Holding Hands---Happy Man at Computer---Business Group


- Right brain exercise and activating "hidden" genius -- for organizations as well as individuals -- is missing in most business, career, or educaitonal training. We are not trained to accelerate/activate innate intuitive, creative abilities that seem impossible (but are not). Only a few people in companies are usually thought of as "creative" or "idea people" -- or asked for their ideas. But with institutionalizing practices from Right Brain Start Up, Right Brain Express, Right Brain Meeting Checklists, Right Brain Strategy Checklists -- and pull for genius and better thinking across the board -- everybody is! That can change the overall value of a whole organization -- or a career.

Young Busines People Beyond ROI is ROMI:
"Return on Mental Investment"

If 100% of revenue or income comes from leveraging
10% of organizational brainpower -- what happens to
revenue with even a 10% increase in creative brain power?

Tap into the "other 90%" of creative brainpower.
Institutionalize Right Brain Thinking and Strategy =
Increase ROMI: Return on Mental Investment (ROMI).


Benefits of Right Brain Aerobics -- Testimonials.


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Call Sandra Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics at 425-214-2926 or email for information about individual public classes and certification, becoming a Right Brain Aerobics Trainer or consultant.



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Articles and emerging Research Links on the amazing effects of right braing practicing... Some of these are amazing new developments -- and rarely collected or reviewed in mainstream career and business development.


You go to the gym to strengthen physical abilities; you exercise the left brain at work; now activate the other 90%, the creative Right Brain...

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