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Cyber Brain

Right Brain Aerobics integrates "right brain"-"left brain" synergiesy to help you solve any problem and handle issues in a new way. "Right Brain" and "Left Brain" are now used as popular business/performance metaphors.

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For Right Brain AerobicsTM training, consultations, and speaking engagements call The Gallagher Management Company - 410-905-2055. Or Email Bill Gallagher, Gallagher Company.

For Public Talks and Classes See Right Brain Aerobics Academy or call 425-214-2926.

About Right Brain Aerobics & Right Brain Express, RBA Products & Services, Sandra H. Rodman, Bill Gallagher & Trainers
Sandra Hudlow Rodman

Sandra H. Rodman
CEO, Right Brain AerobicsTM

Contact Information:

Right Brain AerobicsTM

For Right Brain Right Brain Aerobics Corporate & Institutional training and scheduling:
Call Bill Gallagher, Gallagher Management Company - 410-905-2055
Or Email Bill Gallagher

Bill Gallagher

Bio f or Bill Gallagher, President, Gallagher Management Company, Click Here


Right Brain Aerobics
for Business, Career, and Educational Advancement is an innovative new Program for Business and Personal Transformation - created by founder/CEO, Sandra H. Rodman. See below for: 1. What is Right Brain Aerobics, 2. Products and services. 3. Links to CEO & Trainer
Bios. Each section has Contact Information. Watch for our new Web Center coming soon.

1. What Is Right Brain Aerobics?

-- Right Brain Aerobics for Corporations & Institutions! Call Bill Gallagher, 410-905-2055 about Right Brain Express, the new streamlined training -- for corporate and institutional training pilots and licensing, as well as Strategic Partnerships.

-- Right Brain Aerobics Public & Community Classes and TeleClasses. Call Sandra Rodman, 425-214-2926 or see class schedules and information.

-- Take a Tour -- Right Brain Aerobics home page Includes presentation, introduction to Right Brain Thinking & Right Brain Aerobics 7 Components, RBA-at-a-Glance, Testimonials, Bios, benefits, and more. See Right Brain Blogs -- or Read Blogs like the Chapters of a Book

-- Read about the Benefits of Right Brain Aerobics & Right Brain Express

-- Testimonials: Read What People Are Saying about Right Brain Aerobics & Sandra Rodman

2. Products and Services


Right Brain Aerobics Level I - 2/Advanced Training Classes:
See Right Brain Aerobics Academy for Schedules. For Levels description, see How Training is Delivered.

Right Brain Aerobics Train-the-Trainer

  • Right Brain Aerobics Train-the-Trainer/Coach Training and Practice Groups: Contact Sandra H. Rodman and Right Brain Aerobics at 425-214-2926. See Trainers for more information.



-- Right Brain Aerobics Training

-- Right Brain Aerobics Enterprise License Agreements (ELA):

  • Right Brain Aerobics techniques can be used for all groups, enterprise-wide -- plus techniques to “institutionalize” right brain, better thinking across organization and to inspire clients or students!
  • Train-the-Trainer sessions for easy internal roll-out of Right Brain Express training, how to institutionalize right brain thinking with bottom-line benefits in organizations
  • Full, Advanced Right Brain Aerobics Training, customized video conference sessions for specially designated teams, “Think Tank" groups using RBA Manuals.

-- Strategic Partnerships (Organizational Revenue) and Executive Referral Networks

  • Organizational revenue streams from Right Brain Aerobics programs and
  • Executive Referral Network (ERN) opportunities

Contact Bill Gallagher, Pres. Gallagher Management Co., Worldwide Distributor of Right Brain Aerobics, to schedule Corporate and Institutional Training: 410-905-2055.



-- Motivational Speaking and Consulting on Right Brain Thinking, Take Your Right Brain to Work, with Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain Aerobics. 425-214-2926.

-- Consulting & Speaking Engagements on a Right Brain Approach to Sales, Bill Gallagher, President, Gallagher Company. 410-905-2055.

-- Right Brainstorming and Right Brain Business Sessions with Sandra Rodman and/or Bill Gallagher.

3. Bios - Sandra H. Rodman & Trainers

See Trainer Bios for Sandra H. Rodman, CEO, Trainers Dr. Craig Weiner and Victoria Castle. Bio for Worldwide Distributor, Bill Gallagher.


You go to the gym to strengthen physical abilities; you exercise the left brain at work; now activate the other 90%, the creative Right Brain...

Cyber Brain
For Right Brain Aerobics Certification Classes - Contact Sandra Rodman, Right Brain Aerobics, 425-214-2926 - Freeland, WA. Email. www.rightbrainaerobics.com
For Right Brain Aerobics training call The Gallagher Management Company: 410-905-2055. Or Email Bill Gallagher, Gallagher Company.
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