"Right Brain" & "Left Brain" have become popular modern business & career performance metaphors. "Right Brain Aerobics" is the "how to" training -- mental "exercises" that may be useful to increase creative, innovative thinking & tap "inner genius."

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We live in a time when the ability to think creatively and shift gears mentally with new techniques for innovative forward-thinking minds, may be crucial. This introduces Right Brain Thinking & Right Brain Aerobcs for Corporate & Institutional Training, Executive/HR/ Leadership Training as well as Public Classes.

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Try an Exercise! Try using for Right Brain Start Up to begin the day, before meetings -- watch the change in mental focus.

Trainer CEO/Trainer Bios

Sandra H. Rodman, CEO & Founder. LinkedIn

--Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C., Creator, Transformational Dialogues & Host: Change Your Mind Radio Network!
--Victoria Castle, Corp. Consultant, Trainer, Author, Necessary Mischief

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Private Brainstorming Exec-utive Coaching Sessions for Individuals or Teams with Sandra H. Rodman, RBA's CEO. We'll generate new ideas/viewpoints to accelerate business & career, solve problems. Learn RBA "Idea Factory"& basic RBA techniques to change executive skills. Call 425-214-2926 or Email Sandra Rodman

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Worldwide Exclusive Distributor, Gallagher Management Company. Contact Bill Gallagher, Pres., Gallagher Management Company & Author, New Pathways to Revenue: Right Brain Business Development -- 410-905-2055 or Email Bill Gallagher.

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For see Right Brain Aerobics Academy for schedules for this special community contribution by Right Brain Aerobics. See also the Classes page for new industry offerings! Or contact Sandra Rodman at 425-214-2926 or Email Sandra Rodman

Right Brain Blogs

Right Brain Blogs

Blogs & Quotes, Tips for increasing innovative, creative thinking. Experiences of Right Brain Aerobics Trainers. See also RBA's Right Brain Counseling Blogsite.

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Sandra Hudlow Rodman

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Press Articles about Right Brain Aerobics

Articles/ video further describe Right Brain Aerobics. 1. Everett Herald (Exercises Focus on Right Side of Brain). 2. South Whidbey Record (Exercising the Right Brain for Crea-tivity). 3. New Connexion TV Interview with Sandra Rodman on the Right Brain Aerobics story. 4. Dr. Craig Weiner's Right Brain Aerobics video/articles.

New Scientist

Interesting Articles & Food for Thought

It may also be useful to read articles that discuss how "right brain" abilities such as creativity, innovation, intuition, meditation & deeper mental focus can have positive effects--are being sought more for career, business, and life skills. Key is practicing "right brain" mental exercises such as Right Brain Aerobics regularly & find out how this may be useful for you personally. Try a Right Brain Start Up! See Testimonials.

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Benefits Possible from Right Brain Aerobics Exercises

You may find that doing these exercises daily can lead to useful Individual and Institutional Benefits.

Business Group What People Are Saying about Right Brain Aerobics & Sandra Rodman

See testimonials and Blogs by trainers using RBA at Right Brain Blogs & Right Brain Counseling

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More About Right Brain Aerobics

Get More Details about Right Brain Aerobics and check out what happens during training at the Classes page.. Increase your ROMI: Return on Mental Investment


Build Unique Practical Mental Skills from the Ground Up -- can be useful to help transform career and organization

7 Institutionalizing Right / Whole Thinking & Daily Practice
6 Strategy: Right Brain / Left Brain Synchronized; Idea Factory
5 Creativity & Innovation Exercises for Career
4 Intuition & Supersensory Perception
3 Affirmation / Cognition / Self-Image, Breakthrough Thinking
2 Mental Focus / Stress Reduction & Visualization
1 Right Brain Start Up: Creative Idea Generation, Stress Reduction, Thinking like a CEO


  • Training & "right brain-storming" sessions that can be useful to impact bottom line, personal effectiveness and performance in surprising ways.
  • Executive & management training, leadership development sessions, retreats, executive offsites
  • A great "Step 1" training to entrain new mental techniques and creative thinking useful to enhance the effects of any other training/learning initiative
  • Personal mental development for greater creativity, insight, intuition, strategy thinking

Right Brain Aerobics makes community contributions by offering Community Talks & Classes. See Right Brain Aerobics Academy.

Would you like to...

  • Would you like to manage and lead at more innovative levels with deeper insight?
  • Would you like a company or career differentiator -- adding Innovation & Creativity & a Right Brain Aerobics Certificate to your skills list?
  • Would you like to become a "thought leader" with surprisingly easy and practical new techniques to use daily?
  • Would you like to problem-solve & brainstorm much more effectively with easy techniques to generate new ideas "one the fly"?
  • Would you like to teach and learn at higher intelligence levels using the mind differently?
  • Would you like to think strategically as well as critically (Right Brain / Left Brain Strategy Grids are a quick learn in? strategic/critical thinking)
  • Would you like to explore new career dimensions?
  • Would you like to start new projects, onboard executives, resolve conflicts more creatively?
  • Would you like new techniques to get "unstuck" with almost any kind of problem from science and technology to parenting and dating?
  • Would you like to tap "inner creative wisdom" and act as your own "super coach" in surprising ways?
  • Would you like to calm the mind in deep sound and processes, reduce daily stress in new ways?
  • Would you like to understand "right brain languaging " to learn to use RBA for better left brain productivity and analysis?
  • Would you like to explore more "multidimensional" creative intelligence?
  • Would you like to learn techniques to fire up right brain "ah hah" moments, innovative thinking, strategic & critical thinking as personal practice.
  • Would you like to learn career skills rarely trained in business or education -- to make a real difference in your organization or community?
  • Would you like to help your organization become more creative at every level!


Business Team Solving Problems

Productivity isn't really "productive" -- if you keep executing old ideas and missing long-range shifts. New insight and "ah hah" brain thinking can save eons of repeating old "to do lists" -- and old "bottom lines." Redefine your own success.


"All too often we are stuffing the heads of the young with the products of earlier innovations rather than teaching them to be innovative. We treat their minds as storehouses to be filled rather than as instruments to be used..."
-- Robert Finch


"Innovation Portal" Executive TeleConference Calls information: See Right Brain Blogsite

Calendar for Community Classes, TeleConferences, Public Talks by Right Brain Aerobics Trainers: At Right Brain Aerobics Academy Calendar.

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"Idea Factory Brainstorming Sessions": Private Brainstorming Executive Coaching Sessions for Individuals or Teams with Sandra H. Rodman, RBA's CEO. We'll generate new ideas/viewpoints to accelerate business & career, solve problems. Learn RBA "Idea Factory"& basic RBA to change executive skills. Call 425-214-2926 or Email Sandra Rodman

For Corporate & Institutional Training & Classes, contact Bill Gallagher, Gallagher Management Company, 410-905-2055 or Email Bill Gallagher.

Reversing 80% Decline in Creativity Skills? It's time...

Enter Brain
See "Articles" that can be useful food for thought

Can you change mental ability and become more creative for any career at any age?

Yes. At Right Brain Aerobics we find it very useful to review new research showing significant effects for creativity, mental focus/visualization and meditatioin exercises. Right Brain Aerobics for Business & Career was developed for just this purpose. Some articles we think you might find useful reading:

  • Mental Focus and Meditation Exercises can actually increase brain size... See new Massachusetts General Hospital study published in Psychiatry Journal 1-30-11 -- including "thickening of the cerebral cortex in areas associated with attention and emotional integration
    in as little as 8 weeks.

"How to build a bigger brain -- Study shows that meditation [mental focus exercises] may increase gray matter." UCLA Newsroom...


Has Creativity Declined significantly since 1944? Why?

We find this an interesting article. We've all becoming highly skilled with left brain ability -- and this article suggests that perhaps some of our creativity skills could use some honing!

Article from the IEEE (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers), Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Information Visualization, 2003, Creative performance: does the computer retard artistic development?,” T. Kipp.

“Over the last decade, there have been several debates concerning the dominance of technology in academic disciplines such as fine arts and graphic design. Advanced imaging devices, such as fMRI and PET scans, have provided researchers with visual information in the field of brain science that may settle these debates. We outline a research study conducted among undergraduate art students to investigate the level of visual perception and creative development. .."

"Among the groups studied, the research concluded that artistic traits such as visual memory, perception and a critical eye for detail declined 80% as compared to research studies conducted in 1944. We present scientific research in the field of cognition and brain science, suggesting dominant use of technology in the arts retards intellectual and perceptual-motor skills.”

Food for Thought: 

What if right brain skills had been elevated 80% compared to 1944, instead of declining by 80%?  Who might we be and what might we have created?


"Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing, that we see too late the one that is open." -- Alexander Graham Bell


"Activating the other 90% of the brain may be like activating a much richer, vaster, different LIFE than we have imagined possible..."
S.H. Rodman, Right Brain Aerobics




>> Sandra Rodman & Dr. Craig Weiner, Right Brain Aerobics, profiled in the Everett Herald: "Execise Course Focuses on Right Side of Brain"

>> Sandra Rodman & Victoria Castle featured in South Whidbey Record
"Exercizing the Right Brain for Creativity."

>> Sandra Rodman Interview, The Right Brain Aerobics Story, for New Connexion TV
on Blip

Business Woman Trainer before Slides

Right Brain Aerobics has been presented for executives/mgrs. of institutions such as Microsoft, CNN/Turner Broadcasting, CSX Transportation, GP Strategies, Merrill Lynch, HP, Stevenson University, Bastyr University. Assoc. for Internal Management Consultants, Information Technology Senior Management Forum, and more...

Young Business Men

What Are People Saying about Right Brain Aerobics and Sandra Rodman? g?

"A brilliant, accessible, practical, and energizing set of practices that would serve any individual and/or team." -- Victoria Castle, Corporate Trainer/Consultant

"Right Brain Aerobics is a great course. I now literally feel that I am using my brain fully and wholly. I never woke up before with so many ideas as I do now. Thumbs Up!“
--M.S., Fortune 500 Software Developer, HP

"Right Brain Aerobics training has taught me to access the powerfully creative right brain to generate new, exciting solutions to everyday business issues while providing an approach to make these out-of-the-box ideas executable in today's business world.” -- Marvin Balliet, Former Managing Director & COO, Merrill Lynch Banks

"I wanted to let you know how relevant and applicable the 'right brain' training we received during the ITSMF conference in Orlando has been.  I am responsible for facilitating the weekly superintendent cabinet meeting and implemented the 'right brain' exercise as part of our regular agenda.  I must say the exercise allows the team to focus more and think out of the box to work toward creative solutions for some of the many issues we face on a day to day basis." CIO, Public School System

"My Brain Is Working! My Brain Is Working! " -- Recent Microsoft Grad

"Right Brain Aerobics
has been designed to enable anyone to open the Right side of their brain, no matter how great a 'Lefty' they think they might be. The possibilities of this work are endless. The practices are both simple and powerful and can be used in any circumstance to create a deeper and more profound experience."
-- Craig Weiner, D.C., Creator of Transformational Dialogues, Host, Change Your Mind Radio & Director, The Chiropractic Zone.
See Dr. Craigs blogs commentary on using Right Brain Aerobics: "Teaching Impossible Things: A Right Brainy Kind of Day" and "Unexpected Results When Beginning transformational Dialogues with Right Brain Start Up"

"With Right Brain Aerobics my conscious limitations dissolve into an expanded sense of freedom. Thought is effortless, boundless. I have access beyond my ordinary limits. I highly recommend it!"
-- Roy Ozanne, M.D., President, Whole Health Programs

"With Right Brain Aerobics, the inner genius of each individual as well as the collective genius of everyone in the organization will surprise and delight with amazing ideas and dreams previously thought impossible. Brainstorming sessions have resulted in samplings of how ping-ponging off each other’s ideas takes teams to higher places faster."
-- Maya Hennessey, Maya Hennessey & Associates. Named by Counselor Magazine as one of the top 60 woman making a difference.

“Right Brain Aerobics may be a hidden goldmine for creative potential and the development of the process that is usually reserved for the rarely gifted.”
– TJR, C.A.D.C., M.A., Psychology of Creative Process, formerly Therapist/Trainer Cadence Health

"Sandra Rodman & Right Brain Aerobics have just been absolutely fabulous! Very instrumental & helpful in changing & moving on in whatever direction I choose to!"
Jody Bone, Gallery & Museum Glass Artist & Children's Book Author, "The Little House that Grew" -- Bulding Your Dreams!

"Nobody has ever provided both the insight into the human motivation psyche as you have -- and with a way of achieving self-actualization beyond what I would openly admit is what I am striving for.” 
-- Chris Corrado, formerly CTO Ebay, CIO AT&T Wireless, Sr. VP Merrill Lynch

"Out of the box thinking? The lady has no box..." -- J. Helm, Ph.D., JHelm Associates, formerly Professor, Applied Physics, Columbia Univ. Chief Technology Architect, Merrill Lynch

"Sandra Rodman is a born creative and inspirational creature... She sees solutions where others cannot; goes 'places' where others don't dare." Yong Ma, Ph.D., formerly Director, Global Risk Management, Merrill Lynch

"This is the first time anyone has packaged all of this together for institutionalizing right brain thinking." -- Senior IBM Executive

“We are living in times where having the creative edge is paramount. Right Brain Aerobics is not 'old world’ training.  As a matter of fact, it will change your life, as it did mine and others.  I have attended several Right Brain Aerobics workshops. I did not want it to end!”  -- Sherry Lynn, Nutrition Consultant

"It is remarkable to observe your out-of-the-box creative  thought processes. You  connect seemingly unrelated elements, then formulate wonderfully unconventional plans of action. You are always amazing! A synaptic wonder!"
-- Sharon Lee Ritchie President/CEO, Humanscapes LLC, NYC

"Sandra Rodman has helped me achieve professional and personal fulfillment, to become an invaluable resource within a major financial corporation. I have learned how to prevent stress from overwhelming me and let positive energy surround me. I strongly recommend a session.  Within minutes, you will feel her energy which will inspire you to achieve your professional dreams." -- Jennifer G., VP, Financial Services, NYC

More Commentaries...



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*Affirmation Exercise component was adapted from that created by the Strategic Learning Systems Method, used with permission.

Right Brain Aerobics for Business, Career, Educational and Personal Advancement, Corporate and Institutional Training. Combining 7 Training Components for a new competitive edge - meditation, intuition, creativity, affirmation-cognition, strategy. Created by Sandra Hudlow Rodman.


Right Brain Aerobics
Training for Creativity & Innovation, Business & Personal Development: Minds of the Future

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